The Chronically Ill Parent

  Things have been rough. First of all, it’s becoming clear to me that I have no idea how to rest. But I have been reading a ton…so I guess that counts as resting…but I’m sure there has to be more to it. I’m just not sure what else there is. I have to remember…… Continue reading The Chronically Ill Parent


Laughter is the best medicine…or is it?

They say laughter is the best medicine…. but is it? Because recently, I’ve been in a lot of pain. I thought something was wrong with my right kidney. Went for a renal ultrasound last Monday and finally got the call yesterday saying nothing was wrong. Along with a serious attitude from my urologist. Gee…thanks. I…… Continue reading Laughter is the best medicine…or is it?


Antibiotics and migraines are all the fun.

I finally got over that terrible stomach virus and started my antibiotics (Bactrim) on Wednesday, April 12th. It has not been without issue though. I am a very sensitive being and I do get all the┬ábest side effects…. nausea, stomach aches, mild diarrhea. You know all the stuff I just had when I had that…… Continue reading Antibiotics and migraines are all the fun.


At least you have your health… oh wait.. no you don’t… my bad.

The last two weeks have been rough. Reid, Aaron and I have been varying degrees of sick with a terrible stomach virus. It hit the two of them first and took me down last and hardest. Save the best for last??? ehhhh…. I spent this whole week in bed. Now I’m finally up and about.…… Continue reading At least you have your health… oh wait.. no you don’t… my bad.


What doesn’t kill you…

I’ve mentioned recently that I have been sick with bronchitis, which is difficult by itself. As someone who has asthma and chronic bronchitis, I can say that it sucks. It always makes me wish lungs were not required to live. I say this from experience… I’ve gotten bronchitis 1-2 times a year for as long…… Continue reading What doesn’t kill you…


Keto is neato…hopefully

***This diet is not for everyone. Everyone is different and may have different needs. I am trying this because I am going in with the hopes that it will improve my health (IC and migraines). I will keep track of what happens here on this blog.Please read this if you’re unsure what the Keto IC…… Continue reading Keto is neato…hopefully

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Food as medicine

After months of debilitating pain and frantic searches for meds of all sort, I have decided to do myself a solid and change my diet completely. I will be cutting out processed foods, sugars, carbs. My body is literally screaming for help at the top of it’s lungs and if I didn’t listen to it……… Continue reading Food as medicine