What is the Keto IC diet?

Update 1/28/18 – I am no longer on the Keto part of the Keto IC diet. That doesn’t mean it’s not a valid diet to try for those who want to. But it just didn’t work for me the way I needed it to. Please feel free to continue to ask questions.

The Keto IC diet is a combination of two diets: the IC diet and the Ketogenic diet.

IC diet: Is a diet for people who have Interstitial Cystitis. It is generally an elimination diet of foods that are irritants to your bladder. You can find a general outline of what that looks like here. And more info on how to determine your IC diet.

Ketogenic Diet: Is a low carb high fat (LCHF) diet. This diet became a popular treatment for epilepsy in the 1920s before there were any prescription medications to treat seizures. You can read a more in-depth history about the Ketogenic diet here.

These days keto is often used for weight loss, as are most low carb and LCHF diets. But there has been studies that show it has other health benefits. I am not doing keto to lose weight. Although, my boyfriend, Aaron, lost 80lbs doing keto…so it works. But I am doing it as a healthy lifestyle change. I am using it as a way to cut processed foods and carbs from my diet and to basically try to improve my health. There are studies being done that show keto helps reduce migraines.

There are studies being done that show keto helps reduce migraines.

Since I have started this diet, I have met quite a few people with IC who are also on the Keto IC diet and have had a reduction in their pain. The goal is to reduce inflammation in the body. This is possible with the Keto and IC diets. I have drastically lost inflammation since starting this diet.

My progress: I have drastically lost inflammation since starting this diet, approximately an inch of inflammation around my waistline and more around my face and neck. It is a noticeable difference. I have days where I have considerably less pain but I am still early on in the process.

That being said the ketogenic diet is not for everyone. Please be sure to do your research before starting this or any other diet.

Here are some resources to help you learn more about keto:

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