My Migraine Story

My migraine story is a bit lackluster, if only because it started so long ago that I can barely remember the beginning. I have no memory of my first migraine. They started when I was about 18 years old. I was working at Michael’s Arts and Craft store at the time, where there was a lot of strong fragrances which turns out to be a trigger of mine.

I tried various prescription migraine medications. But none of them seemed to work well for me. I found that Excedrin Migraine ended up working best for me. So managed my migraines with that for a long time.

Later I started getting really bad vertigo as well. Which was when I started seeing a neurologist and got an MRI. It turns out the vertigo was a migraine without the actual head hurting. It was terrible. It felt like the very core of me was spinning around inside of me. It was dizzying and nauseating. I could do nothing but lay in bed until it went away because when you’re that dizzy it becomes hard to walk and obviously driving is a bad idea. Eventually, my vertigo subsided and I haven’t had it in many years *knock on wood*

But the migraines have stuck around with a vengeance. I would have 7-10 migraines a week. But with the Excedrin and acupressure points, they wouldn’t last too long. They were basically ‘under control’. Whatever the situation was…I was able to tolerate it.

Until I could no longer tolerate it anymore.

After I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis  I became much more focused on healing myself. Although migraines weren’t at the top of my to heal list. It did become a more pressing issue.

All the pain began to mount and I was no longer able to just tolerate it. In the fall of 2016, I had a migraine for a solid month and while I didn’t realize it immediately, as soon as I did, I went to my doctor and got meds. Topamax and Sumatriptan, both of which have helped immensely. My migraines have been reduced to 1-3 a week. Which is amazing.

I also purchased migraine glasses from Axon Optics, they are not prescription. They have a special tint to them to help block out certain kinds of light and it helps to lessen and prevent migraines. I love them immensely, especially for when I am at stores or working in an office where all the lights are fluorescent. They literally save my brain when I go out, I never leave the house without my Axon migraine glasses. I use them at the grocery store or almost anywhere that you can think of that has bright lights. I have incredibly sensitive eyes and those lights lead to killer migraines for me. So the migraine glasses from Axon have cut down my migraines like crazy. 

Even still and unfortunately I do have other triggers in the world aside from lights…So more recently I have started botox treatment for my migraines. So far, I have been through two rounds. It has reduced the overall length and pain level of my migraines but I still have them often. My neurologist says over time it should reduce them completely. So fingers crossed!