Huzzahs all around…just for today.

Image- Good luck going to school full time and interning with your chronic health problems...hope you don't die or kill yourself. Huzzah!
Image- Good luck going to school full time and interning with your chronic health problems…hope you don’t die or kill yourself. Huzzah!

I am finally done with my second semester of grad school! huzzah! But alas… even good things don’t always end on a good note. This past Thursday, the day of my last final exam, I woke up to a terrible pain when I went to the bathroom….a pain that was not my usual IC pain. It was a kidney pain. The pain continued all day every time I went to the bathroom or coughed very hard…because once again I have bronchitis. So I decided to do two things… email Ruth (my IC practitioner) to let her know what was happening and make an urgent appointment with my urologist.

Bright and early the next morning I went to see my urologist, who I have since decided I do not like and I will be looking for a new one. the best thing she did for me was to order a renal sonogram. She got an attitude with me because she didn’t know who Ruth Kriz- IC practitioner- was. And she did not believe me when I mentioned the possibility of a possible layer of infections because she never heard of such a thing. Well, Doctor…if that is your real name…I think it’s time you start doing some extra studying in your spare time because… yeah it’s a thing. 

And then Friday afternoon I went to see my gynecologist just to be sure it wasn’t an ovary. She did an internal ultrasound but found nothing. Monday, I went for the renal ultrasound. Which was pure hell on earth. I had to drink 32oz of water an hour before I went. And then I had to wait for them to see me another hour. So I had to hold it for 2 hours…it was torture. And it got worse when they started pressing my bladder with the ultrasound doodad (yes that’s the technical term). Now I await the results. 

But I am on antibiotics that Ruth prescribed me, Bactrim. To recap…I was on two weeks of antibiotics for E. Coli. And then I was one a week of antibiotics (Zpack) for bronchitis, which I just finished on Saturday. And then started another round of Bactrim yesterday. Just wonderful … *insert sarcastic disgruntled face here* 

image-selfie of Rachel giving a very sarcastic disgruntled look
image-selfie of Rachel giving a very sarcastic disgruntled look

So yea I’m in pain. But on the plus side, I am finished my second semester. And on the more plus-er side…this morning I had an internship interview with an organization called Voices for a Second Chance (VSC) which is an organization that provides a safety net of sorts for offenders and their families who are likely to be among the most marginalized members of our society. They provide services to inmates and their families to keep them connected, as well as reintegration into the community upon release….among other services.

If you know me, then you know this kind of internship is perfect for me. I volunteer with an organization called Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of the Deaf (HEARD), which works with Deaf inmates who have been wrongly convicted, are not being provided appropriate services and much more. And I just took a Forensic Social Work class at George Mason which is directly applicable to this internship. 

But even still, I went into this interview quite nervous…just ask Aaron…he was just like like omg be cool! But I get very nervous and it’s hard for me for me to keep calm. Jews are natural worriers. fact. 

But like a girl scout…I am always prepared. I went with a notebook with questions to ask and notes I took from their website #nerdlife They loved my connections to HEARD…VSC is a DC-based organization and I explained I go to Jessup Correctional Facility in Maryland to talk with Deaf inmates because they have a Deaf population there. And they asked me how they could get into Jessup, so I offered to give them a point of contact. 

They also said they have asked the DC prison if they have any Deaf inmates but the DC prison always responds with IDK which is about right…Prisons don’t keep records of that kind of stuff, which is ridiculous. But luckily I have access to the HEARD database so I said I could check out the database to see if there are any Deaf inmates in the DC prison. They loved that.

I’m already become an asset to them…it’s a good feeling. 

image-determined looking baby making a fist. bold word above says "nailed it"
image-determined looking baby making a fist. Bold words above says “nailed it”

So yeah, they offered me the internship right then and there..and it was awesome! And for the first time in quite awhile, I am feeling happy. Granted everything still hurts… but I’m just happy because this internship will be an amazing experience for me. And when they were printing out paperwork for me to fill out…I went ahead and I hit it out of the park by asking “do you have any book recommendations that I should read to help me better prep for this internship?” That was a genuine question…I wasn’t just asking to get in their good graces. I love reading. A couple of the books they recommended I already read🤓

 I do worry how it will impact my health… It will be a very emotionally challenging job which will probably stress me out. Plus I will be taking four classes. But I am up for it. I have the summer to rest and heal. And I do have plenty of healing to do…that’s for sure. But at least I have the time to do so. 

I haven’t told them about my health yet. I worry about coming out to them about it. Although I don’t think it will impact their view of me…as social workers, they are just more understanding and empathetic. I’ve come out to so many people recently, it really shouldn’t even be an issue. But I worry that they will think that my health will impact my job. I know I won’t be able to hide it forever. That at some point…something will pop up. like a migraine or they will notice the frequency in which I use the bathroom. I just want them to know me first and understand what a motivated and passionate person I am …and I just happen to be chronically ill as well.

My IC and migraines have a huge impact on me. I really don’t want them to ruin my internship. So I really plan on working hard on resting this summer lol…yes…working hard to rest. I’ve never done that before. But I will attempt to do so. I have a reading list. Books I want to read…a mixture of novels and social work type books. I will relax damn it or else!! That’s how people relax…right? lol


Image- Stay positive, Work Hard and making it happen
Image- Stay positive, Work Hard and making it happen

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  1. Congrats on the internship! It’s always great to celebrate achievements, even when they come in the midst of struggles.

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